Recent Faculty Publications

Christopher Bush:

  • Ideographic Modernism: China, Writing, Media (Oxford University Press, 2010)

Clare Cavanagh:

  • Lyric Poetry and Modern Politics: Russia, Poland and the West (Yale University Press, 2010)

Jorge Coronado:

  • The Andes Imagined: Indigenismo, Society, and Modernity (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2009)
  • “Fotografía y subalternidad: Retratos andinos, 1920-40,” Cultura visual e innovaciones tecnológicas en América Latina (entre 1840 y las vanguardias), Vervuert Iberoamericana, ed. Beatriz González-Stephan, forthcoming 2011.
“What Pictures Tell Us about the Letter: Visual and Literary Practices in Latin America,” A Companion to Comparative Literature, eds. Ali Behdad and Dominic Thomas, Blackwell Press, forthcoming 2011.
“Vallejo ante el pueblo: Intelectual, masas y el camino a España, aparta de mí este cáliz,” Mester 39 (2010).

Reginald Gibbons:

  • Desde una barca de papel (bilingual edition of poems with Spanish translations), ed. and trans. by Jordi Doce, Littera Libros (Spain), 2010.
  • Slow Trains Overhead: Chicago Poems and Stories (University of Chicago Press, 2010)

Nasrin Qader:

  • Narratives of Catastrophe: Boris Diop, ben Jelloun, Khatibi (Fordham University Press, 2009)

Samuel Weber:

  • “La faute, la mort et les traits unaires,” Les Cahiers Philosophiques de Strasbourg, vol 27 (2010), 139-174.
  • “The Singular Historicity of Literary Understanding,” MLN German Issue, vol 25/123 (April 2010), 626-641.

William West:

  • (editor) Renaissance Drama volume 36/37 (Northwestern University Press, 2010), “Replaying Early Modern Drama.” In New Directions in Renaissance Drama and Performance Studies. Ed. Sarah Werner. New York: Palgrave Macmillan (2010),
  • "What’s the Matter with Shakespeare? Physics, Identity, Playing.” Special Issue: Shakespeare & Science, ed. Carla Mazzio, South Central Review 26 (2009): 103-26,
  • “Brownean Motion: Conversation within Pseudodoxia Epidemica’s Sober Circumference of Knowledge.” In Sir Thomas Browne: The World Proposed. Eds. Reid Barbour and Claire Preston. Oxford: Oxford University Press (2009): 168-87.