Job Placements

Comparative Literary Studies PhD Job Placements

Genevieve Amaral:  (Advisor: Christopher Bush), Visiting Assistant Professor, Temple University

Paul Anderson (2006; Advisor: Peter Fenves), Director, Office of Academic Affairs at the University of Chicago

Jennifer Cazenave (2011; Advisor: Samuel Weber, Michal Ginsburg), Assistant Professor of French, University of South Florida

Abigail Derecho De Kosnik (2008; Advisor: Samuel Weber),Assistant Professor of Performance & Technology and New Media at the University of California, Berkeley

Adrian Fielder (2002; Advisor: Mireille Rosello), Instructional Chair of Literature and Foreign Languages, Colorado Mountain College

Leah Flack (2009; Advisor: Christina Froula), Assistant Professor of English at Marquette University

Katie Hartsock: (2015; Advisor: Marianne Hopman), Assistant Professor, English Department, Oakland University

Glenn Hendler (1991; Advisor: Michael Warner), Director, American Studies Program and Associate Professor of English at Fordham University

Martin Klebes (2003; Advisor: Helmut Muller-Sievers), Associate Professor of German at the University of Oregon

Dominique Licops, (2002; Advisor: Mireille Rosello), Senior Lecturer of French & Italian, Northwestern University

Bishupal Limbu (2010; Advisor: Brian Edwards),  Assistant Professor of English at Portland State University

Rachl Ney (2010; Scott Durham), Lecturer, French Department, Southern Methodist University

Daniel Nolan (2010; Advisor:  Peter Fenves), Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Minnesota, Duluth

Paul North (2007; Advisor: Peter Fenves) is Assistant Professor of German at Yale University

Trevor Ponech (1995; Advisor: Stephen Toulmin),Department Chair & Associate Professor of English, Director of Undergraduate Studies, McGill University

Robert Ryder (2009; Advisor: Samuel Weber), Director of Basic Language Program, Department of German Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago

Claire Waters (1998; Advisor: Barbara Newman), Professor of English, UC Davis

Amy Zumfelde (2009; Advisor: Helmut Muller-Sievers),  Professor of Modern Languages at Oakton Community College

Julia Ng (2012; Advisor: Sam Weber, Peter Fenves), Faculty, Literary and Contemporary Theory at the Centre for Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths, University of London

Stanley Bill (2013; Advisor: Clare Cavanagh), Lecturer, Polish Studies, Slavonic Studies Department, Cambridge University