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Casey Drosehn

Congratulations to Casey Drosehn for successfully defending her dissertation, titled "Invisible Nations and Global Spectators: The Utopian Publics of the Rioplatense Vanguards Buenos Aires and Montevideo, 1924-1937."

Brett Brehm

Congratulations to Brett Brehm for successfully defending his dissertation, titled "Kaleidophonic Modernity: Sound, City, Technology."


Joseph Slaughter Public Talk

Monday, May 4, 4:00 PM
Joseph Slaughter, Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature Specializes in literature, law, and socio-cultural history of the Global South (particularly Latin America and Africa). He’s especially interested in the social work of literature—the myriad ways in which literature intersects (formally, historically, ideologically, materially) with problems of social justice, human rights, intellectual property, and international law.