CLS 412: Critical Theory: Visual Culture and Media

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Comparative Literary Studies Courses - Graduate

COMP LIT 410:  Theories of Literature.  The aim of this course is to cover a wide variety of literary-theoretical work.  Each year the focus changes; it will be possible for students to re-take the class.

COMP LIT 411: Critical Practices.  Intensive analysis of several major works on the first part of the reading list.  During this seminar students develop the set of “problems” around which the spring-quarter examination will be organized. 

COMP LIT 412:  Literary-Studies Colloquium.  The aim of this course is to help first-year graduate students prepare for the examination.  At the beginning of the seminar students identify those works they would like to examine further, and this serves as the basis of the discussion.

COMP LIT 413: Comparative Studies in Theme. Use and variation of a literary theme (such as the journey) or technique (such as symbolism and allegory) in various times and cultures.

COMP LIT 414: Comparative Study in Genre. Theory and practice of a literary genre (such as epic, tragedy or the novel).

COMP LIT 481: Studies in Literary Theory. Central issues of criticism, exemplified by the writings of major theorists.

COMP LIT 486: Studies in Literature and the Disciplines. Topics in the encounter between literary studies and other culturally oriented disciplines (e.g., philosophy, history, and anthropology) with an emphasis on problems of theory and method. Content varies.

COMP LIT 487: Studies in Literature and the Arts. The relation between literature and the visual arts and/or music. Content varies.

COMP LIT 488: Special Topics in Comparative Literature. Doctoral-level course offered on a one-time basis dealing with a special topic in the field of comparative literature. Addresses a specific need within the program’s curriculum and/or a trend in the field.

COMP LIT 490: Independent Reading. Permission of instructor and department required.

COMP LIT 499: Independent Study. Permission of instructor and department required. May be repeated for credit.

COMP LIT 590: Research. Independent investigation of selected problems pertaining to thesis or dissertation.

COMP LIT 596: PhD Dissertation Tutorial. Production of a dissertation prospectus, including a statement of purpose and critical method, an outline, and bibliography.